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CocoilBali one of local company based in Bali, the founder of CocoilBali would like to share his passion came from his grand grand mother. When he was kid mum & grand mother always teaching him how to make 100% home-made coconut oil. He believe that a lot of people love coconut oil. In fact we can see shops selling it but most of them are not 100%. Some of them made in big industrial process or in huge factory. In this session we want to bring traditional home experience to show you how to make 100% real coconut oil made by yourself!

Coconut oil has caused quite a buzz in the natural health community, and for good reason. The fragrant tropical oil that can send your senses directly to the beach is a highly saturated fat, but it comes with several health benefits.

Step By Step making Coconut Oil

Our Fun Activity during the process!

First we will meet you at Taman Nauli best place in canggu with tropical garden and peaceful ambience where we set-up nicely for you to make your own coconut oil.

This class will be super fun because we will let you do all by yourself we just assist you from behind what should you do and make sure you get the right step to make your oil.

All utensils and safety equipment will provide by us.

While we waiting for your oil to be done we will enjoy an organic scrub from the coconut husks you will scrub yourself with it and get the real sensation to be a real local.

At the end of this class you will bring bottle of coconut oil that you make along with the recipe!!

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