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CocoilBali is small local company who produce coconut oil making and have been making coconut oil from generation to generation for more than 20 years, we would like to combine our expertise of making coconut oil into herbal soap making bar. We have been doing our very own herbal scrub-soap bar since two years, more and more people love our home-made soaps. Hence we would like to share our best soap-making base on organic coconut oil that we produce ourselves to people around the world to inspire them how natural products  make your skin better

learn how to easily craft your own herbal soap, using herbs, spices, and organic of your desire.

First we will meet you at Taman Nauli best place in canggu with tropical garden and peaceful ambience where we set-up nicely for you to make herbal scrub-soap bar.

Everyone will get soft copy of history soap making and how scrub-soap made and what we gonna use, including the fragrance and herbals, then we will start to make the best herbal scrub-soap bars.

This class will be super fun because we will let you do all by yourself we just assist you from behind what should you do and make sure you get the right step to make the bars.

All utensils and safety equipment will provide by us.

While we waiting for your scrub-soap to be done we will enjoy an organic lunch and drink coconut water at the restaurant and share about Bali life and its culture.

At the end of this class you will bring three bars scrub-soap and the recipe!!

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